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DoraemonWhen I saw on internet about this project in Indonesia, for applying it, I had to answer a questionary. One of the questions was : "Talk about one international event that caught your attention in the last year" . Well, I decided to talk about Doraemon that had been named official ambassador of japanese culture, by the Foreign Minister of Japan. The words of the Minister has been : "Doraemon as japanese famous cartoon all around the world, is the rapresentant of all japanese manga and cartoons, and so also of our culture, because our cartoons represent for the best our traditions. I hope that the world could, from our cartoons, discover more and more about our culture, about the things in which we believe in and which kind of future we would like to create."

I’m a big fan of manga (the comic) and anime (the animated cartoon taken from the comic) so this news really got my attention. I totally agree with the words of the Minister, the really interesting stories told in manga try to explain very deep and positive values, in a easy-undestanding way that can be undertood by people of different ages. Moreover I thing is a interesting way to discover another culture. In this moment I started again to read "Naruto" and "One Piece" (that’s why I’m talking about this topic :) ), and the reason why I like a lot, besides the stories that are wonderful, is because they push me to believe more in my dreams and they push all the people in trying to create togheter a better world.

My favourite anime are "Trigun" (I suggest you to watch it ;) ) and "Evangelion" (but this is a very serious one).

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